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At Solution Design Group, we are committed to establishing, implementing and maintaining policies and procedures that support and protect the environment and our


We believe it’s only fair that young people get a chance to fulfil their dreams and gain workplace experience before entering the workforce. That is why we’re giving HSC students a chance to upskill and become qualified in their subject related industry.

Regular training is offered to staff at both a company
and personal level, allowing them to upskill and
increase qualifications in their field.


We design and craft the vast majority of our furniture at our factory in Sydney, creating local jobs and providing employment for more than 70 families across Australia. This supports both the economy and our local community.


Solution Design Group team have been supporting the Cancer Council Australia every year since 2013, with Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea, a much loved annual event.
Solution Design Group donates to the Rapid Relief Team, allowing them to continue helping and supporting communities in times of need.


At Solution Design Group, we work closely on our supply chain to ensure we work with like-minded suppliers who care about the environment.
  • Foam off-cuts are recycled into carpet underlay.
  • Timber off-cuts are offered for students school projects or firewood kindling.
  • Fabric off-cuts and end of rolls are given to TAFE colleges for apprentice upholsters.
  • Our factory is run on 100% solar energy.
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